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DuoLife Day and Night Set is a specially developed formula that comes in two product bottles. The human body needs other ingredients during the day and others at night. The unique composition of natural ingredients supports the work of individual systems, depending on the daily cycle.

DuoLife DAY AND NIGHT is 100% natural dietary supplements, created for people wishing to stay in a good physical and mental shape. Additional energy for the whole day of intense work and valuable support for calming down and regeneration of the body at night. A combination of as many as 26 extracts and fruit juices, to support functions of the cardiovascular system, the gastrointestinal tract and the immune system, detoxify the body, improve the function of brain, liver and kidney. Hundreds of active substances, including valuable antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins and minerals, to make not only each day, but also each night special.


DuoLife Day is the solution for those who want to activate the psychomotor qualities of their organism and who want to provide their body with substances essential for them to function properly every day.




DuoLife DAY contains plant components supporting physical activity and mental functions of the body, supporting immunity, blood-forming processes, good skin condition, brain, heart, urinary tract and joints.

  • The dog rose and sea buckthorn fruit is a true wealth of natural, well absorbed vitamin C, which supports col-lagen synthesis and red blood cell production; vitamin C also helps absorb iron, helping to maintain proper blood morphology; a valuable source of iron is lucerne contained in the product.
  • Hawthorn contributes to the proper functioning of the heart, helps maintain favourable blood cholesterol levels and supports the condition of blood vessels.
  • Cranberry supports the urinary tract and helps maintain the correct pH of the urinary tract, thus contributing to its protection against bacterial infections
  • Noni fruit supports the work of many systems and organs, including the nervous, immune, cardiovascular, joint and bone systems. They help maintain proper memory and cognitive functions and a good mood.
  • Aloe vera supports the processes of body cleansing and maintaining the correct body weight; it also supports the correct functioning of the intestines, ensuring a favourable bacterial balance in the large intestine
  • Ginseng promotes physical and mental well-being, supports memory processes and concentration, and helps maintain proper sexual functions.
  • Pomegranate fruits are valuable for women, as they help alleviate the symptoms of menopause; they also stimulate the growth of physiological microflora in the digestive tract.
  • Black elderberry, raspberry, acai berries, sea buckthorn and lucerne support the body’s immune system in the fight against infections.
  • The simple sugars contained in fruit juices - glucose and fructose, are an easily assimilable source of energy so necessary for intensive work every day.





12 April 2019



DuoLife Day 750ml



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