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DuoLife Vita C is a unique all-natural product containing vitamin C, which, thanks to its exceptional form, satisfies 100% of the Recommended Dietary Allowance for vitamin C. Thus, it keeps the body in a healthy condition and significantly strengthens the immune system. All natural vitamin C is a source of health, energy and wellbeing, provided that it is not artificially modified, and thus it keeps its natural form intact – as it is in case of DuoLife Vita C.


DuoLife Vita C is a solution for those looking for an infallible way to boost their mood and supplement their vitamin and minerals deficiencies - so, simply, for those who like to enjoy their life and have lots of energy!




  • Acerola fruit juice is one of the richest sources of vitamin C. One fruit contains as much natural vitamin C as a kilogram of lemons! It is considered a strong antioxidant which not only softens your skin and makes it more supple but also prevents its ageing.
  • Rosehip (dog-rose) contains 30 - 40 times more vitamin C than other, more popular citrus fruits. Rosehip fruit is an irreplaceable source of vitamins, which are easily absorbed by the body, organic acids, mineral salts and antioxidants, thanks to which it strengthens the whole body.
  • Camu Camu berries are the rich source of natural vitamins. They contain min. 2500 mg of natural vitamin C in 100 g, which accounts for almost 2% of its weight! Additionally, Camu Camu berries are rich in antioxidants which enhance the immune system. 

DuoLife Vita C’s innovative composition of biologically active and natural ingredients, and no food preservatives and taste stabilizers content, guarantees the highest quality and improved digestibility and absorption.



Cologne List® - our voluntary commitment to clean sport


Product DuoLife Vita C is in the Cologne List®, i.e. a list of products with minimised doping risk.

The Cologne List® is an initiative aimed at preventing doping, implemented by the Rhineland Olympic Centre, which wants to fulfil its duty of taking care about the leading sportspeople that it supports. The Cologne List® enumerates dietary supplements that have been tested with regard to presence in their composition of chosen anabolic steroids and stimulants by an independent scientific laboratory which is one of the leading laboratories in the world as far as analytical tests of prohibited substances in dietary supplements are concerned.

Those dietary supplements that have entered the Cologne List® are subject to a series of tests, conducted by, among others, Institute of Biochemistry at the German Sport University Cologne. The aim of the tests is control of dietary supplements and checking whether they contain substances that are significant from the point of view of doping, such as anabolic steroids and stimulants, and were not listed on the packaging of the analysed products. 









12 April 2019



DuoLife Vita C 750ml



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