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Hi5! beeCrunchy is a 100% natural and properly balanced mix of fruit, vegetables and beneficial whole grains with no added sugar. It is a great source of fiber and seeds that provide valuable ingredients for health. This is a unique meal for each of the seven days of the week.

Hi5! beeCrunchy - Crunchy cereal grains enriched with vegetables, fruits, nuts and superfoods. Contains naturally occurring sugars.

Ingredients: oat flakes, sunflower seeds, raisins (raisins, sunflower oil), coconut flakes, dates, multi-flower honey, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, lyophilized plum, white mulberry fruit, goji berries, dried carrots, bee pollen.




1. No added sugar
Sweet, but with no added sugar? To obtain an attractive taste in the crunchy production process, various types of sugar are often used: beet, cane, coconut, vanillin, and even glucose-fructose syrup, which is considered excessively harmful. Hi5! beeCrunchy is from a completely different shelf and a different, definitely healthier approach.

2. High fiber content
Recent studies show that up to 60% of consumers look for products with a high fiber content. Fiber helps reduce hunger, lower cholesterol and remove harmful substances from the body. In premium products such as Hi5! beeCrunchy we can talk about high fiber content (high fiber).

3. Whole grain
Whole grain means health. Nutritionists recommend eating cereal products several times a day, which in practice means that cereal should be included in every meal! It is in the husk of grain that most vitamins and minerals are found that bring your body natural good. In Hi5! beeCrunchy we only used full whole grains of oat flakes, without grinding them. Thanks to this, they managed to preserve their full nutritional value. Whole grain is conducive to intestinal peristalsis, accelerates metabolism, helps to lose unnecessary kilograms faster. It is also a great choice for anyone who wants to be FIT.

4. Good, better, superfoods
Hi5! beeCrunchy has been composed of 13, 100% natural ingredients. When creating the product, we once again used the amount of ingredients, which was great in the production process of DuoLife Day and Night dietary supplements, which guarantees a complete, high-quality composition. In Hi5! beeCrunchy you will find: goji berries, classified as superfoods which are a source of antioxidants, pumpkin seeds, walnuts or sunflower seeds which support the process of lowering cholesterol carrots rich in vitamin A which supports the functioning of the eye and has an antioxidant effect. fiber-rich plum which supports digestion and the process of lowering blood glucose levels Raisins which contain a lot of potassium and vitamin B6 which helps regulate blood pressure and reduce fatigue, thereby supporting the nervous system. The unique composition of the best ingredients makes the product Hi5! beeCrunchy one of a kind and unrivaled. There is nothing better for the body!

5. Honey and pollen
Hi5! beeCrunchy is a product enriched with the addition of honey and bee pollen. They constitute 6% of all ingredients. Thanks to this, the product maintains a unique, sweet taste while maintaining energy value. It is also a source of valuable vitamins: A, B2, C, PP. Hi5! beeCrunchy can be consumed by vegetarians.

6. Unique composition
The Hi5! Brand, already known from beeSnap bars, is known for products without the addition of trans fats, glucose-fructose syrup, palm oil, GMO, preservatives, aspartame and acesulfame K, sucralose. Hi5! beeCrunchy is a 100% natural product, without artificial colors and flavors, which does not contain wheat in its composition.

7. Handmade
Health and nutritious Hi5! beeCrunchy are handmade at every stage of production, which guarantees the highest quality. Nuts, grains and seeds are baked together at the right temperature. The form of the process and its care cause that the ingredients do not lose any nutritional value. The next step is to manually add fruits and vegetables.

8. Only healthy fats
Hi5! beeCrunchy also stands out because of ... fats! The new DuoLife product contains only healthy ones obtained from grains of nuts and cereals contained in it. In addition, it is worth appreciating the very low content of sodium and salt in the product.

9. Clean Label
Hi5! beeCrunchy is another DuoLife product that can boast of clean label - clean label. This is clear and transparent information for the consumer, guaranteeing a good product composition. According to current trends, the information on the label is clear, understandable and limited to a minimum, and in our case, they completely eliminate the use of additives.

10. Everything important
Activity, change of pace of life, exposure to civilization diseases caused changes in the approach to the human food pyramid of XXI century. Hi5 product! beeCrunchy is composed according to knowledge of nutrition principles, assuming eating meals regularly (4-5 meals, every 3-4 hours). Where vegetables and fruits are consumed as often and as much as possible. By proportion: ¾ vegetables and ¼ fruit. In addition, recommendations for consuming cereal products, especially whole grains, which we also use in our product. More than avoiding sugar and sweets and replacing them with fruit, nuts and seeds.

11. Munch without remorse
Bearing in mind the current trends in consistency and appearance, we are increasingly reaching for healthy chewing or crunchy products, which also give us a lot of pleasure! Hi5! beeCrunchy is a mixture of cereals baked with the addition of honey, fruits and vegetables. They taste great with milk, yogurt, water or a vegetable drink.

12. Practical packaging
Hi5! beeCrunchy is distinguished not only by health-promoting properties, but also by practical packaging, which is also environmentally friendly. On the one hand, it looks nice and attractive, on the other - it ensures freshness and protection of the product against external factors, thanks to which the product does not lose quality! Perfect packaging for 7 servings. This is a unique meal for each of the seven days of the week!

13. Breakfast is a challenge
Studies show the importance of a morning meal. Not only if we eat it, but also what exactly we eat for breakfast. A full-fledged, well-balanced meal can be a guarantee of our performance throughout the day. 








18 September 2019



Hi5! beeCrunchy 300g



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