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INNUBIO Energy 500 mg (5%) CBG  is an all-natural hemp oil using the properties of the CBG cannabinoid. Thanks to its high cannabigerol (CBG) content, Energy is a product recommended for professionally active people, both those working mentally and physically.

The ingredients of the product support people with memory and concentration problems, those at risk of chronic stress, and those experiencing a decrease in energy, vitality and mood. The oil also supports recovery processes in people with past injuries.

How to use: Recommended daily serving: 6 drops (3 drops twice a day). Place under the tongue, swallow after a minute. Shake before use.



Transparent product composition

Two ingredients – the vegan CBG Energy Oil contains only and as many as two 100% natural ingredients. Energy is a combination of virgin hemp seed oil with a pure extract from the fibre hemp species of Cannabis sativa L., variety Santhica 70.


Kannabigerol – CBG

Cannabigerol is known for its unique properties. Above all, it supports:


optimal condition of the nervous system, and also promotes the process of neurogenesis;

concentration, learning process;

energy and vitality;

maintaining emotional balance;

function of the osteoarticular system.



Glass bottle and precision dropper

A 10 ml bottle made of approved dark glass ensures that the oil is adequately protected from light and thus from losing some of its valuable active compounds. The glass pipette allows precise and repeatable dispensing. One drop of 5% CBG Energy Oil contains 2.5 mg of natural cannabinoids. One 10 ml bottle contains at least 200 drops of oil and thus a minimum of 500 mg phytocannabinoids is guaranteed. One pack of INNUBIO Energy 500 mg CBG 10 ml is sufficient for approximately one month of use.


Highlights of INNUBIO Energy 500 mg (5%) CBG 10 ml:


500 mg phytocannabinoids guaranteed;

full range of natural cannabinoids, terpenoids and flavonoids;

innovative alcohol extraction technology – NSR Extraction;

high bioavailability;

natural and intense green-brown colour;

precise dropper;

product for vegans and vegetarians;

100% natural.


Discover the quality of our oils!

The highest standard of our hemp oils is guaranteed by the degree of technological advancement, the multitude of good practices to ensure complete safety and high quality, and the use of only selected raw materials. Many details contribute to the quality of the final product.


Top quality raw material

The basis for the highest quality hemp extract is the suitable raw material, which undergoes an extraction process. We use certified Futura 75 (CBD/CBDA) and Santhica 70 (CBG) varieties from certified seeds for oil extraction.


High quality standards

We obtain our extracts using a safe alcohol extraction method with elevated quality standards. With the aim of ensuring full food safety, we are following the HACCP system, analysing the risks and identifying critical points in production processes that have a significant impact on the quality of the final product. In turn, the Good Hygiene Practice (GHP) encompasses the actions and rules that apply to all our employees engaged in the production process, which involve hygienic handling prior to, during and after food production. We engage in activities under the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) to ensure that production is carried out in a way that guarantees the right quality for its intended use.


NSR Extraction – innovative extraction technology

The use of the innovative technology of NSR Extraction (No Solvent Residues Extraction) gives us a 100% guarantee of obtaining the purest fibre hemp extract with high stability, bioavailability and content of the full spectrum of natural active compounds: cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenoids, valuable vitamins, micro and macro elements. For extraction, we only use certified pure 96% ethanol intended for analysis.


Laboratory analysis and certification

Every batch of oil is subjected to laboratory analyses in accredited independent laboratories. The test subjects are: the content of cannabinoids (including THC), residual solvents, heavy metal content, and microbiological and sensory analysis.




Ingredients: Hemp seed oil (Cannabis sativa L.), hemp extract (Cannabis sativa L.) of the variety Santhica 70 with high CBG (Cannabigerol) content. The daily serving includes: 15 mg CBG. One drop contains: 2.5 mg CBG. 



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15 October 2022



Innubio Energy 500 mg (5%) CBG 10ml



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