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DuoLife COLLAGEN - 100% natural dietary supplement, intended for people wishing to be “forever young”. A unique composition of active ingredients supporting the skin, bones and joints. Furthermore, plant extracts rich in silica and antioxidants, for strong hair and beautiful
Detoxifying and oxygenating DuoLife Chlorofil Beauty Care sugar body scrub is a carefully composed combination of the best ingredients that stimulate microcirculation while, at the same time, cleansing skin and improving its absorptive properties. Application of the unique Ashedo 24/7
DuoLife Collagen Beauty Care body butter is an exceptional combination of three forms of hyaluronic acid, the effect of which has been confirmed by scientific research, that are closed in a revolutionary HyalTri 24/7 Nutri-Form™. Formula. The innovative form of
DuoLife Vita C Beauty Care hand cream - rich in "vitamins of beauty" (E, C and F), the cream is an excellent rejuvenating therapy for your skin and hands. Thanks to the vitamin ECF 24/7 Nutri-Form™, Formula enriched with shea
DuoLife Antibacterial Clean Hands Gel is an antibacterial hand care gel. It has a triple action: antibacterial, antiviral, antiseptic, resulting from the content of 5 essential oils, reinforced with menthol. It protects and nourishes without drying out your hands. DuoLife
DuoLife Aloes Beauty Care Shower Gel - revitalise your skin with the extraordinary shower gel and wake up your senses with its sensual fragrance! Developed by experts, OHA 4/7 Nutri-Form™ Formula utilises beneficial properties of aloe, honey and oregano to
DuoLife Beauty Care Aloes Intimate Wash Foam is a gentle wash foam for the intimate area care. The foam supports natural microbiome of particularly sensitive private parts, showing probiotic and prebiotic effect. It is the only wash foam on the
DuoLife Beauty Care Collagen Hialuron 4D is designed for daily use for dry and combination skin with a tendency towards roughness, tautness, and noticeable dehydration. The unique complex of four types of 4D hyaluronic acid, due to its different particle
DuoLife Beauty Care Collagen Face Cleansing Foam is a light foam for daily cleansing of the face, neck, and cleavage from make-up residue and excess sebum. The SKINPRO QM jellyfish extract moisturises the skin, protects it from harmful external factors,
DuoLife Beauty Care Collagen Skin Tone is designed for daily use for dry, normal, and combination skin prone to hyperpigmentation. The use of collagen hydrate with a patented stabilisation technology deeply moisturises and firms the skin. Rainbow alga extract brightens
DuoLife Beauty Care Collagen Pure is designed for daily care of the whole body skin, regardless of its type and age. Collagen hydrate with a patented stabilisation method deeply hydrates and firms the skin. Thanks to the presence of melanin,
DuoLife Beauty Care Collagen Skin Sensitive is designed for daily use for dry, normal, and combination skin as well as for atopic (AD), sensitive, and delicate skin. Collagen hydrate with a patented stabilisation technology deeply moisturises and firms the skin.



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